Tenant rules and regulations


Looking for lists of the best rules and regulations for tenants people have or have seen. We want our park to be clean, organized, and well run.

Does anyone know of a tried and true set? Looking for multiple.

Much appreciated!!!


do you have the bootcamp docs? There is a great one there they we have modified and added over time but great for parks. I think I had another one from an eternity ago included with the Ray Alcron Deal makers guide to mobile home parks (can’t remember how it was) but Frank and Dave all the way…


Thx, but don’t have the bootcamp docs. Any other suggestions? Found these online



I didn’t scan them but I don’t know if you can buy the forms or course on its own or how that works but maybe worth reaching out to Brandon at MHU and seeing it. They might be good good but thats personally what I would do because its a war chest of forms you may end up needing


Search some of the bigger communities in your area or state. If they have a good website, they usually handle their applications on there and attached you can find their R&Rs.