Tech recommendations: Arlo security cameras, Google Pixel phone, GoPro Hero 5


Just thought I’d mention a few technologies which are helping us quite a bit. One problem with inspection and surveillance recording has always been what to do with all that data - and what to do with “technology illiterate” employees. These items have helped:

Google Pixel phone: this phone is unique in that it comes with free unlimited online storage for full resolution video and photos in Google’s cloud photo storage service Google Photos. It is also entirely automatic - the photos and vids you take automatically upload/backup in the background (and also automatically scrub off the camera’s local storage so you never fill up your phone, making it slow and buggy). There is nothing to remember to do, no way to make a mistake. After pics are in the cloud you can tag, describe, organize and share to your heart’s content. Keeping photo evidence of unwanted cars, garbage and various legal notice postings without the possibility of losing something before I file it has been a huge help.

Arlo Pro and Arlo Go cameras: If you want modern surveillance cams, these are part of the new breed of security cameras using artificial neural networks to throw out useless footage and sort humans from tree branches. You can build these up “collection” style - adding one here and there over time. Battery powered - and now they have solar panels as well (yep I have 'em - work like a charm to keep them charged) - so no wiring needed. The AI really works - I get very few “false positives” that are just waving tree branches. Arlo Go is the first and only camera that has a built-in cellular antenna - yep. Want to know who is dumping in your dumpster at night but don’t have wifi or power near there? No problem - mount it up on a tree trunk, aim at the dumpster - pop in the battery (several months of power) and a solar panel if you like - and you’re in busines. The video shows up in your Arlo cloud account.

Nest IQ Outdoor Camera - this drops in November and actually has facial recognition powered by Google. Have a no trespassing on someone? An evicted resident you need to keep an eye out for? Drug dealer and you want to start tracking how many different people come and go? This is the ticket. 4K video and face tagging. You tell it “That’s Billy Bob” and the next time it sees someone it asks if that is Billy Bob. Tell it yes/no and over time it learns to more accurately recognize him from someone else. It does need hard-wired power however. But the video quality is superior to the Arlo cams.

Gopro Hero 5 - what makes this unique for doing drive-through park inspections is also automatic cloud uploading. Once configured this puppy will automagically upload whatever it recorded into the cloud for remote viewing - again taking the techno-incompetent local manager out of the equation.


My only comment going from a GoPro Hero 4 to a Cube seemed like a no brainer. I feel like i would spend 20 minutes (only on occasion ) to turn on the wifi with the go pro. I got the cube with no wifi but its easy and dont have to thing about it. its not as fancy and only cost 60-70 instead of 400 but i would take the simplicity of it any day.

The other thing i love about the cube is that ( if you can get my with the magnet) blends with the car. You don’t have the suction cup that sticks out. So one even sees it ( not really a big issue , but when you do it enough its a nice little perk ) If you don’t have a metal bumper, you will still have to use the polaroid suction ( unless you want it in awkward location ) and also maybe if its raining.

Thanks for sharing the info on all of those. Great stuff on Arlo and Nest cameras, sounds like its really been developing over the last couple years!

@Ivan_ilych Did you ever make any headway with that robot lawnmower you were looking at ? Assuming not since its not on the list :slight_smile:


Technology is getting to the point where I’m close to experimenting with not even having my technology challenged managers use a computer, and redesigning my management systems so they can do everything over their phone and a tablet. Has anyone done something similar?


I have not - but there is one property management system built to do that - Appfolio. Supposedly has full functionality on phones and tablets. Some park owners like Frank have moved away from them however.


How’s the Cube video quality?


@marvel_equity - lol as for the robot lawnmower(s) they are now on my Spring list. I admit life got too busy. However I am, I believe, still the only park owner I know using only electric yard tools - including ride-on mowers. I have a Ryobi and a Cub Cadet zero turn. Both have been great - quiet, reliable and no gas fumes. Also using electric leaf blowers and push mowers.


Here is the quality of the cube… ( park is a different story… :slight_smile: )

Polaroid Cube Video Quality Link

For some reason wont show the link, maybe this will work


That’s pretty good! Oh and cut your lawn! :stuck_out_tongue:


This one is not mine :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: