Tearing down mobile home. Need license?


I found a company who claiming he can demolish mobile home on site and remove it from property. His company is a junk removal company and he says he got a license and insurance.

My question is does he need a specific license for mobile home removal in order to take this job?


Will vary based on what your state requires licenses for.


@Marvel_Equity I’m in Indiana.


You will also need a demolition permit from your municipal buildings department.


I would put any regulatory footwork on that company to do. That should be the advantage of paying a little more by going with someone who’s licensed and somewhat professional.


In NC he would need permits to haul a mobile home away, but none to tear one down. We were going to have a company remove one that was damaged by fire but he wouldn’t take it because it could fall apart on the road and he would get big fines for that. So we ended up having it torn down by someone local. They took all the metals for recycling and the rest went into big dumpsters.


Thank you all for your input