Sweating Metal Roof

Love your forum it been lots of help. Just bought a park and one of my renters called me and wanted me to have look at her ceciling, she said the ceiling tiles are bowing down. So we took one of the tiles off to look up under the roof and what I found was there is no insulation and the condensation was just falling down on the ceiling tiles and causeing the tiles to bow.That can I do to fix the PROBLEM? Its a 14x60 with an oval type metal roof the end of the gable is not but about 10". Thanks for any help!

Thanks Steve N

Someone has removed its insulation, you will need to re-insulate or you will continue to have this problem.

First fix the ceiling tiles. Then blow insulation in from the top. Go to youtube and search insulate mobile home roof for a video on the process.

Don’t forget the vapour barrier. That is the primary reason the condensation is forming on the underside of the roof.

Thanks Guys, since the ceiling has been taken down would it be best to take it down and put up the vapour barrier then blow the insulation on top of that? Then put small vent on the gabales.

That is what I would do. You can blow the insulation up through the ceiling or just use unfaced fiberglass rolls, then vapor barrier (plastic sheeting), then new ceiling, lowes has a “suspended” ceiling system that goes right up against the ceiling joists, or just use luan , go over seams with 1x2’s ripped to make 1/2x2, and paint it white. No need for gable vents, it was never meant to be a vented space. Always keep in mind not to over do things, What Tony C calls ammenity creep. It’s a rental and should be treated like one.