Something is a little hinky with this one


We are in the process of reviewing our first MHP. We have the original listing that shows four park-owned homes, but we received information today that there are a total of ten park-owned homes, of which 7 are abandoned. Egads! I just re-checked for myself the original information we received, and behold, they misrepresented the number.
Ugh… I’m not having a very good feeling about this, but my husband thinks it may still be a go… And, since I’m an accountant, guess who is going to have to do all the work with advertising, coordinating the removal of the junk trailers, etc… Why that would be ME!


What’s the issue you’re worried about? Technically abandons are not owned by the park so what’s the question really?


One thing to understand is that sometimes owners and brokers lie on their sales material. Also sometimes things change between the time Park was placed for sale and you came along. Keep doing your due deligence. I don’t really see a big deal with this particular issue. It’s could be opportunity since you now inherit some homes you can turn around and sell.


I see, you may be scared because 4 homes to rehab, renovate, or replace grew to 10? It may grow more by the time you come in and “wrangle” the current tenants into line. This is the scary part of the business.

Flipping homes takes time, energy, and money!