Sign Ideas Please


Greetings All,

Am wanting to update my sign at the entrance of our Park.

How does this look? Would love to see others and appreciate any input



@David007 , as per your post:

  • Your Sign looks fantastic

In addition you might want to research to see if your specific Police Department needs an additional sign stating that they have Jurisdiction over your Property.

Below is an example in our area:

  • " ‘City Name’ Police Department Has Jurisdiction Over This Property"

We wish you the very best!



Good Point, Haven’t considered that,



Would love to see Signage others are using!


Here’s a few signs ideas I have seen:



Do you mind sharing the cost on this? And did you guys construct the wood part or the sign maker did ?


I like the font and colors. It has a modern look to it.


The sign was not cheap…I’ll just state it was over $5k. The lettering on the signs needed to be specially fabricated. But in our case it was well worth it as this was an important part of the revitalization plan for a huge community.
As for the construction, we have one of our deck builders/carpenters build the sign and install the lettering. In addition, we used 7 ft steel helical piles as support beams rather than wood posts, thus adding to the cost.


Thank you , it looks awesome. I would love to step up my sign game on the next park and want to blend getting an awesome sign like this on a budget. Thanks for sharing.