Shed left on lot


I am a mobile home park owner in Delaware who purchased a home from a past tenant who had a shed on the mobile home lot that they leased. The shed was not included in the mobile home sale and was apparently sold to a neighboring tenant. 5 months after taking possession of the lot and purchasing the home, the shed is still on the lot. I have asked the neighboring tenant for over 3 months to remove the shed from the lot multiple times and where it needs to go on his lot. I need to get the shed off the lot because I am trying to sell the home to a new tenant. Anyone have any guidance?


Give the neighbour a ultimatum. Send a form for him to fill out indicating he is abandoning his claim to the shed.


I would send him a notice with 3 parts:
-Ask him to remove the shed
-Offer to hire someone to move it for him, and bill him back for the cost. He can contact the manager to move forward if he would like
-If he has taken no action by a certain date the shed will be demolished and/or claimed as abandoned property and repurposed elsewhere.

If he takes no action I would send one last follow up close to the deadline date via certified mail.

This stuff is a pain but it’s just part of the business.