Sewage Treatment Operator - Michigan


We are closing on a park located approx 45 minutes south of Detroit. The park has a brand new treatment plant but the current operator charges a small fortune to operate it. Were looking for a new operator. If anyone in this forum has a park in South East Michigan and has an operator they could recommend or if they have any advice on finding one, it would help out greatly. At our other parks with treatment plants we have hired operators from the local municipalities who do private treatment plants on the side. No luck so far finding one for this park


Try a geotechnical engineering firm such as Somat Engineering in Taylor, MI - or see if a plumbing company that installs / services large projects such as Able Sanitary Service in Carleton, MI can either provide the service or make a recommendation for someone who can do so.

A few other thoughts - make sure the new plant has capacity for the entire park, including any additional lots that may be permissible per zoning but which have not yet been developed on the site. If the site has roads with lots on only one side (single loaded roads), they are a great spot to add new lots while minimizing costs for additional infrastructure - assuming the plant is rated to handle the fully developed park.

Best of luck with it!


No specific recommendations but the state maintains a list of operators.,4561,7-135-3308_3333_79877-196656--,00.html

Hopefully you can find someone at a better price