Sewage lagoon system, need help!


I’m looking to purchase a large community that has 150 pads. 100 are on individual septic systems while the remainder are on a sewage lake system. Its laid out over three fairly large lakes that have aerators within them. The system is fully license and monitored by the state without trouble at full occupancy for over 30+ years. What are your thoughts, could uncle Sam decide just to go away with the system overnight? Future issues?


check with the state, do you diligence on the system, contact an expert, and if you critieria for returns justify that risk, make sure to budget for it going bad and converting the homes onto septic…
and look at your potential cost to replact the septics as well.
make sure leach fields are good and/or there is a spot to replace those fields…or you may have to go to a new mounds system where it is above ground i believe…im not an expert on this


I will reach out to Phillip, I have his contact.


Is there a state certified operator contracted for the lagoons?


Yes, I have decided to run from the deal.


Probably a smart move.