Selling an RV campground to a REIT

Anyone have any knowledge or experience of what a REIT would prefer for an RV campground? Minimum number of lots? Metro population (does this matter for an RV campground)? Amenities? Thanks in advance for your help.

Ran across this the other day.

What We Look For

Manufactured Home Communities Icon

  • 100+ sites
  • Large enough lot sizes to accommodate double-wide homes

RV Resorts Icon

  • 150+ sites
  • Near popular tourist destinations
  • Within 3 hours of major population centers

Land Parcels Icon

  • 50+ developable acres preferred
  • Access to public utilities preferred
  • Proximity to population and job centers for residential developments
  • Tourism-centric destinations with idyllic natural settings for Resort developments
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We are seeking well-located properties within premiere leisure and adventure destinations in the Western United States. To achieve the desired efficiencies and economies of scale, we require a minimum of 60 RV spaces. We focus on resorts that have upside potential through management, branding and, in many cases, expansion capability.

For investment opportunities, please contact us at

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