Seeking operators / equity capital available

Hi all – I’m reaching out to let you know that we are actively seeking operators with whom to partner - in both mobile home parks and other real estate asset classes. In the MHP space we typically look for operators with a property management staff along with home sales, collections, maintenance/rehab systems; typically I would think this would be groups with 500-3000 pads, but that isn’t a hard and fast rule. We have closed a number of MHP acquisitions in the past couple of months and have appetite for many more; we generally provide 90-100% of the equity and are flexible to consider a broad range of asset types and business plans. Typically we look to deploy at least $500K of equity into an acquisition, and are generally looking for operators with whom we can form a long-term programmatic relationship over time.

BID, LLC is a group formed by three partners who are all experienced real estate owner-operators and are now partnering to offer opportunities as capital partners – we aim to offer investors a range of attractive opportunities in a range of real estate asset classes, with a significant focus on affordable housing and manufactured housing in particular. I’ve been a single family rental investor for the past few years, and have put together a $35MM rental portfolio. One of my partners owns 25 mobile home parks / 2500 pads and the other owns 1500 doors of affordable multifamily housing.

BID is actively seeking additional opportunities to partner with best in class operators and investors seeking a broad range of niche opportunities. For more information please contact me at

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Great–I have both mobile home parks and self storage properties (Western States) looking to acquire with financial partner.

Great - please feel free to send me an email -