Seeking Cash/Equity Partner for Greenville-Spartanburg SC Park


I have a park in the Upstate of South Carolina that is in the heart of a city that is MHP friendly. It is about 40 pads, mostly POH, on city water/sewer, and has paved roads in average condition.

There is significant value add as the rents are under current market, and the water/sewer and trash are paid by the park, and can be passed on to the park.

The purchase price with reserves is somewhere in the $900K range. Debt could be sought out too, so the investor does not need to have the entire PP. I’d like to do a 70/30 (70% the investor) partnership with an investor who can be passive with no problems.

Let me know if you are interested and I can give you more of the park specifics. Thanks.


Can you give us the metro area?


Greenville-Spartanburg SC is the metro.

On they split Greenville and Spartanburg up, so technically its Spartanburg, but you get the general area.