San Antonio park



Any one interested in a small park in San Antonio inside ? 14 lots. 6 vacant. 1 TOH and the rest are POH. 6 rented at $600/month and the TOH IS $375. City Water/City Sewer. Near Lackland. Current 12% cap rate.


What is the Address and price??


Could you send me more information the space park


I would like more info
Are lot rents $375? TOH - only
Interests in other residents wanting to be TOH?
I have an Army buddy who lives in San Antonio
He could come by and take a look for me


Hi Mark,
Please email me info on the park in San Antonio. Im currently in San Antonio and would like to drive by if possible.

Dave Junker


I am interested to learn more. Can you send the address and any additional info. What are you asking for it?


Hi Mark. Please email further details to:


Hi Mark, please send me more info at thank you!


I live in San Antonio. Would love to know more and do a drive by.


Hi Mark, please send me more information at


Hi Mark. I assume this opportunity has passed. If not, I’d be interested to learn more:

I’m based in the Austin area.



I’m interested if it’s still available.