Rules for my new MHP


I am closing on my first MHP soon, the current owner basically has no rules and tenants do whatever. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to send me a list of there rules for parks. I have some rules that I know I am going to enforce but don’t want to forget or not think of any when I take over. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Don’t forget you need to incorporate some of your state specific landlord tenant regulations in the rules as well. Be carful not to include any rules contrary to the regulations otherwise they will be null and void.
There are plenty of community rules that are online, make sure they are applicable to your state. Most can be adapted of modified.
Your number one concern is that you do not include any rules that you are not prepared to strictly inforce. When a rule is not enforced universally and consistently it will also be null and void.


In addition to Greg’s advice, make sure those rules do not violate federal, state, and local Fair Housing, ADA, and SACRA laws, rules, regulations, and letters.