Retrofit setback requirement for park expansion

Michigan Park. Plan for expansion. Currently zoned MHP.

Anyone knows if I have to retrofit the setback requirement and road width once I expand the park?
The current zoning ordinance requires father setback and wider road.

This is a complex situation and completely dependent on the local ordinance. You will have to read that ordinance to get your answer. Every city and town could be different.

I haven’t worked in Michigan, but usually the expansion area falls under the new rules.

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Also Michigan question, where did you find setback requirements? I have empty lot and have spoken to building official in the township regarding placing new home there and he said this is something HUD deals with? Took about 3 weeks to get them on the phone only to be told they have no idea either? Is there supposed to be pad inspection first? Pad looks brand new but home supplier said whole new one has to be put down for new requirements?

I usually just measure what setbacks are in place for the existing homes, and then apply those setback standards to any additional homes brought in.

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Setbacks are usually set by municipal ordinance. The building official is probably ignorant. Follow up with the city and find someone who knows.

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