Residents making cash deposits at bank during the virus crisis

Greetings all,

As you know, many MHP tenants live their lives in cash.

Many are concerned about going to the bank to make their rent deposit during the quarantine period.

Many are older and/or in poor health to begin with.

Some have asked if they can pay my manager the cash, but he’s middle-aged and has some health problems himself, so I’m not crazy about him having to directly interact with 30+ish tenants right now either.

Anyone have any good ideas for a system to reduce everyone’s risk yet still make the deposits happen?

Be careful and stay healthy,


Where is this Park located with no drive-up tellers or money orders and drop boxes? Absolutely would not risk managers health for this.


Frank recommends a no cash policy. The post offices are still open. The tenants that don’t have checking accounts can buy a money order and mail it to you. That’s what have always asked tenants to do if they don’t have a checking account.


Yes. It’s very simple. Take payment from your website. Due to the pandemic, we have been reinforcing the concept that paying online is virus- free.