Re-modeling of mobile home- NY - contractor

Looking for a contractor to remodel / rehab old, abandoned mobiles in MHP that was purchased few months ago, near Binghamton, NY.
What kind of licenses / permits should a contractor have to be able operate in the park?
Any leads of good guys in the area that someone can recommend please. Need basic re-modeling (Flooring, walls, updates to kitchen and bathroom) to be able to sell/ rent asap.
Much appreciate your help in advance.

No licenses/permits needed, if the work is only rehabilitation of the homes. If you plan to modify the original layout, maybe the contractor needs to go through the city.

Solving plumbing, electrical and a/c ducting problems, repair/replace sub-flooring, flooring, painting, wall/ceiling repairs/painting, fixing/painting/resurfacing kitchen/bathroom cabinets and countertops, repair/replace interior or exterior doors or windows, replace/resurface bathroom tubs/sinks, toilets, faucets, repair/paint home siding, roof repair/replace/sealing, repair/replace skirting and decks, don’t need city permits.

If you change a/c system, water heater, please ask for a city inspection, in order to be covered by your insurance. Always review your insurance policy to know what do you need to be aware of to be covered. You never know when will you need it.

Alejandro Riera
Insignia Remodeling LLC

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