Question on Starting a MHP


Hi all,

I am heavily considering starting a small MHP within the next 6 months.

I do not have the capital to buy one.

I would like to buy a mobile home with land. I already have my tenant (family member who is okay with this scenario).

Use the income from the one mobile home (park owned) & myself to buy more mobile homes to put on the land within the next 2-5 years. Hopefully, I can build it up to 8-12 mobile homes.

1.) What are the pitfalls in doing this that I may not be considering? (besides getting tenants & handling maintenance of course)

I checked zoning for the area I am looking at. It does not have a zoning label. It’s currently a mobile home, so I would think that it’s grandfathered in anyways. There is also a mobile home park a few hundreds yard down the road.

2.) Is there a difference between zoning of a mobile home & a mobile home PARK?

Thanks for your feedback.


Yes, cities can specify whether an individual mobile home versus a mobile home park is allowed. MHP’s typically have a minimum acreage size in city limits, and infrastructure requirements that go alongside them (e.g. in Houston, TX it’s 5 acres for example). Concrete costs a lot of money, too.

If you are outside the city limits then you could potentially do this, but then have to consider sizing your private utilities if public ones are not available. If your water well has good throughput then it may not be an issue and you can add a septic system per home and off you go. There are also county requirements in some places for density (1 per acre in some places), and then drainage detention once you have a certain amount of impermeable surface (e.g. must have ditches or storm sewer).


Thanks for the quick reply.

I’ll have to call the city to see what the zoning is because they do not have anything listed on the website. They have areas near it listed, but no listing on this one.


Some small cities will only have it in their office, and some have none at all. Good luck.


Placing more than one MH on a parcel may violate county or municipal ordinances. You will not get a building permit in this case. Yes, there is a big difference between single-family and MHP. If you do not follow the rules, they will shut you down. Find out what the local ordinances allow. The city or county planning division would be a good place to start.