Protecting vacant homes


I have some homes that will be sitting vacant what do you guys do to protect these homes from uninvited guest and thieves?


How long are you leaving them vacant?

Are they on the lots where they will be worked on and eventually sold or in a holding pen somewhere?

If you don’t have a person that can be hired to be walking them daily and making sure they are all locked up, I would hire a security company to check them daily.

Make sure if they are in working order you leave lights on 24 / 7 inside and outside. If you have no power, I suggest a daily walk and security to keep an eye.


Also consider whether this is a symptom of a larger issue. Do you have trespassing tenants that need evicting; or a need to put a community gate with access code to keep out the area riff-raff? Make sure you’re spending your dollars towards the root cause.

At a minimum you can put some of these cheap battery powered door alarm systems up in them so your neighbors know when to call the cops.


well these homes are vacant for a month tops so I bought window and door alarms that just make noise if opened and bought motion lights for outside and bought a couple fake cameras. I don’t have a huge problem with thieves but when I bought the park all the vacant homes that have been sitting for years were all missing wiring and furnaces out of them but we also had terrible managers before I took over the park


That makes sense then. Thieves and weirdo’s can get into the best or worst neighborhoods, they have a homing device for targets. I am glad you got a solution that didn’t break the bank. :slight_smile: