Pouring/Adding Pads before Home Selection?


I purchased a park in Wisconsin a couple weeks ago. We have 20 vacant spots (they have water and electric but there haven’t been homes in awhile, overgrown and gravel runoff).

I am getting one street graveled. To meet the labor minimum, they would be able to gravel 3 spots as well. I don’t have homes on the radar yet, but it’s essentially free for me to get.

I also made a deal with the seller to pour pads at $2750 as he has concrete company. I don’t have home picked out for these either. I would like to get them poured sooner rather than later as the guy is getting older.

  1. Question: Any issue with have too large of a slab besides the look of too much concrete?
  2. What would you do in this scenario?

Miscellaneous question: Does vapor barrier go over gravel or below? Wisconsin now requires.


Steven, check out this thread i posted the other day, similar question :slight_smile:

Also, doesn’t wisconsin do something with ABS pads or something specific for frost or freezing ? Check into that before running with this.