Potential Resource For Translation Assistance ( Spanish) if you need it


We periodically need translation assistance and ideally if you do, you have someone available ( manager). Im running smaller parks so thats not always available and we try to be stronger on the backend. Anyways, i wanted to share someone we have used for assistance on certain things


She has helped with various marketing, and has also helped with tenant issues as requested. She is international so you are not able to do texting ( maybe there is a more advanced setup where this is possible) . But we have a line with a local area code to us and so we have had people reach out to her or she reaches out to them and looks local. Maybe she could offer that for you , not sure .

Also , we have had a couple instances where Venezuela has a power shut down for the country so that can be an issue.

I have no dog in the fight other than being a happy customer. She has also jumped on some of our facebook inquiries to respond to people who dont speak english.

Google translate can sometimes only get you so far…

If you do use her, you can say you got the contact info from Jack with Marvel Equity.


I have this issue big time! I am trying to learn Spanish as fast as possible but…

Thanks for the lead!