(PENDING) Spartanburg SC Park for Sale


I’m looking to sell my park in SC. It’s super easy to manage, I do it from 4 hour away. Most people pay via ACH, the rest send in money orders to my PO box. I’ve spent a lot of effort and money getting this turned around, so as I mentioned in a previous post, you’re buying a stabilized performing park. Definitely not the one I purchased.

1700 Dewberry Road, Spartanburg SC 29307

22 Lots / 21 Occupied
1 POH on RTO
Septic 1:1 except one 3:1
Public Water (submetered)

Potential Gross Income: $69,780
Actual Gross Income: $67,080
Est. Stabilized Expenses @ 45% : $30,186
Net Operating Income: $38,894
Estimated CAP 8.7%

Asking $425,000


Please send me an email to John.mckinnon@yahoo.com


I ma interested in purchasing your park. My number is 864 497 7791. I live in the area and would like to see
it tomorrow. Could you provide with plat map and 24 month rent roll

I have 2 parks and want 10 more in this area. Do you have any more??


I’ve sent you some info and also forwarded your message to buy more parks to someone else looking to sell. They will be reaching out .


I’d be interested in pursuing this opportunity. Can you please send any supporting info to jjacobus@lonejunipercapital.com?


Also interested here Bryan. Please e-mail what you have.
We are not too far away in York county, SC and have three other SC parks.
Thank you,


Hello Bryan,

I am interested in the park, would you mind sending any additional info to djpal15@gmail.com. Also, if you know others looking to sell in the area please pass them my information.

Dan Palumbo


I’m 20 miles from the park. Will you send the info. to hixrobin@aol.com?


i am also looking to buy park. please send me info. to subhash55@msn.com


Hi, my husband and I are looking to buy our first park and are looking for a small one to start with. It looks like your’s will be purchased soon, but I’d appreciate it if you would forward me any other park owner names/contacts who are interested in selling. We live about 45 minutes north of Atlanta, GA so the more stabilized the park, the better.

Thank you!
Jill Denlea