Parks - Haves /Needs /Wants - Post Them Here


I see a lot of the same names here but sometimes don’t always know if you are geared towards certain markets, certain park sizes etc and maybe there are some benefits of knowing a little more about each other.

Thought I would throw this topic up if anyone wants to chime in for what they are looking for ( Wants) or maybe what they are able to offer ( Haves) , what they have and


  1. Periodically have an off market deal that might typically in the 20-60 space range (trying to buy them, but get some other deal flow as a by product of mkting of properties i might not want). Typically would be TX but might be IA IN IL WI MN

  2. Currently live in Houston Metro, can check out your park ( go pro/pics ) or mystery shop your manager if needed. Can check out a potential acquisition ( * Disclosure- am currently looking in the area as well )

  3. Can meet with someone interested in the MHP space in the area and talk parks , show our smaller park and hopefully soon to be next turn around to give you a feel for the industry and share some of what I’ve learned over the years.

  4. Have capital and available capital ready to invest. Bankable as well.

  5. Have experience on operating/turning around smaller parks, joint ventures ,assignments ( about 12 park deals to date)


Deals in TX. Will go as low as 10 spaces if around Houston 25 spaces in metros of Austin , DFW, San Antonio. Deal size up to 100 lots.

Deals in IL, IA, WI , MN , IN 25 spaces in major metro ( up to 100 lots)

If the deals are smaller, need to be high occupancy all or primarily all tenant owned homes. Only will do city water and city sewer BUT will consider deals that are well IF the ability to connect onto city water exists at site or close by. As the deals get bigger will consider “uglier stuff” i.e. vacancy , POH .

Really only looking for value add stuff thats not priced really high of what syndicators might be competing for ( hence why i will look at the smaller deals that might need to be bank financing , seller financing, or cash)

My number is 847 847 eight 8 zero eight or jack at marvelequity dot com