Park with holding tank (not septic)


I just started looking at a small park that has a holding tank - not septic.

How poor of an idea is this to get into?

Also, it might be able in an area to hook up to city water and sewer? If it is, can the city prevent you from doing so because they don’t like the park (it’s in the entry to town, owner said they offered to let him hook up if he would shut home down… no better use for land than mhp tho so he said no).


Sounds like your saying there is a holding tank for the drinking water system. Holding tanks are a normal part of a water well system. As long as you do adequate due diligence and are fine with a well water system then it should not be a deal killer.


Nope, this is instead of a septic. I didn’t realize it was a thing.

Some guy, or girl, comes along every week or so and cleans out the poo.


It means the drainfield has failed and they are limping along. A holding tank is not a long term solution. You have a failed drainfield !! You will either have to fix it, remove homes on the holding tank or hook upnto the city sewer


Run don’t walk.

So if someone’s toilet is running it’s dumping into that tank and you get to pump it out.