Pad spacing question


Can anyone share insights on pad spacing? We arent required to do them but will be doing a crushed concrete base for the home.

I know the variable becomes the home size. Is the frame width for the pad say at 11 feet cover most homes? ( all single)

So for example , i want to prep 10 pads. I think there is a good chance the home will be 76x14.

But maybe i get a 76 x 18 or maybe a 66x16.

We were thinking to originally do 11 foot wide pads and cater to the home but now thinking to do 11 foot wide and then a 72 foot pad ( so this way it wont show assuming the home size exceeds that.

Will i be covered if we do 11 foot wide? And if i do the 72 foot wide and we get a 66 foot box, it will just have a back tail end pad.

Thanks in advance for input and comments.


Hey Jack, why not build the pad once you know the size of the home coming in? Is this strengthening the nonconforming status too? Also consider the accounting behind each pad.


@jhutson Thats where I’m at right now but I’m hoping to do a bit of a quicker fill up so wanted to get the next few lined up. This park is all great with spacing and requirements on brining in homes . I also felt it would look nicer on the marketing side ( when people see a pad there to bring the home onto ) .

We also demo’d some homes so even after cleanup its hard to make it look pristine and this will also make it look a better on those lots.


I’ve spent some thought on this too, and I’ve come to the conclusion that best to wait for the actual home is staged on-site before doing site prep. So you can measure 2x and cut 1x, if you know what I mean.


By brother in law always has a great quote… I keep cutting this piece but its still too short :wink:

Can anyone confirm on width spacing? Whats the variable there? is the frame always 12 foot? On and 18 foot does it go up to 14 foot? Any comments on that is appreciated.

Maybe I can do at least a couple for 76 foot homes but then cover my bases if we get a shorter box. We have a dealer who will do a spec home and I’m hoping we can gain some traction on it but will have to se.


My understanding is that the main rails / i-beams run 82.5 or 99.5 inches apart from each other depending on the width of the home, and then the crossmembers have outriggers to support the edges.

But up to this point I always build pads to the home perimeter - this helped a lot after heavy rains last year that encroached on the pads.


Do you try and make it so the pad sticks a bit out from the skirting , or do you try and keep it tucked under so only grass shows? (meaning which is your goal on your set up)


At most I might have an inch of fill around the perimeter, sometimes less - just depends on how good the bobcat operator is shaping it to the stakes I put out. Grass eventually grew over all of mine as was allowed to use a select fill.


I figured you are doing the bobcat work yourself :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Why select fill as opposed to crushed concrete? Cost savings? Do you use a vibra compactor when you use the select fill as base material?


Ha I wish, not there yet!

The select fill was cheap and I let it sit under the black 6 mil plastic sheet for a week to settle. The fill is shaped like a dome to keep water away from the middle - a good 12 inched under the center mass, then graded down towards the edges. No fancy compactors.


@jhutson Thank you very much sir.

Pouring/Adding Pads before Home Selection?