Owner Responsibility


We recently purchased a park and we have a TOH that has a back deck that has started to sink due to some of the previous owner’s effort to fix a sewer line. I’m curious who’s responsibility it is to fix the deck, the tenant or mine? He also has a fence in his yard and I’m curious who would be responsible for maintaining that as well?


I would help with the deck and let them maintain the fence


@heat685 - agree to fix the deck. It sounds like a potential insurance claim down the road.


The deck is fully the responsibility of the home owner . It is part of their home. If the problem was caused by the previous owner in this case you may wish to assist in stabilising the deck. Maintenance of the fence is also the responsibility of the home owner unless the park has installed the fences to divide all yards in the community. IN that case the fence would be the community owners responsibility to maintain. Be carful what projects you take on or you will be assisting every homeowner with the upkeep of their homes and lot. Ideally you want to do as little as possible to physically assist. You inform them that items require their attention and should expect them to do the work.