Orangeburg in small section of the park


We are looking at a park in Wisconsin right now.

It seems that the majority of the park piping has been replaced:

“The small section at the top of the hill that has not been replaced is Orangeburg. It only encompasses 3 homes so is probably about 100 feet. It is my understanding that the only time Orangeburg becomes a problem is when it is located in wet soil. Since this happens to be at the top of the hill it has never been an issue for the seller.”

  1. Is that accurate about orangeburg?
  2. The sewer camera guy is going out next week? He would be able to confirm the accuracy of this I am assuming?


Do a google search to get an answer to your question about wet soil and Orangeburg - and/or call a plumber. Yes, a plumber can probably confirm the accuracy. I have a small section of Orangeburg at my home that I will be removing soon because it’s starting to bow and I have root intrusion at the connection. It’s been in the ground since 1945. If I was you I’d find out how much it will cost to replace the orangeburg and try to negotiate that cost with the seller.