Orangeburg - Cost to Replace 200'


In Due Diligence: We have 200’, not running under any homes.

What is a rough cost to replace and seek as deduction?


It depends - depth of line, labor rate, materials cost, access to area, etc. You’ll need to call a plumber.

What did the camera reveal? Are the lines crushed and do they need to be replaced, is there root intrusion or do they look fine?


He said they looks fine, for now.


I would ask the plumber how long he thinks they will last and budget accordingly to replace it. Tell the seller that it’s a concern to you and try to negotiate as much of the replacement cost out of the purchase price of the park. Educate the seller on what it is, why it was used and that it will eventually fail.

Do you have a recording of the camera work? If so, and if it looks bad, show it to the seller. Bad orangeburg will be bowed or crushed… I know because I have it at my house and just had it snaked yesterday due to root intrusion… I’ll be digging it out next month :weary: