Orangeberg lines - good or bad?


I am looking at a park on “Orangeberg” lines. What is your experience with orageberg lines?


I personally do not have experience, but it was mentioned at MHU Bootcamp that orangeberg lines are a deal killer.

The lines will most likely have to be repiped. Get a bid from a plumber on cost to repipe.


Theres a few topics of on here with orange burg, if its still in place, you will want to factor in replacement into your estimates on whatever is orange burg. A lot of it has started failing over time so may have been replaced but don’t count on it and def do your DD


Yes! @frankrolfe is rather passionate about how bad they are, he mentions it at every bootcamp and frequently on the Frank/Dave show, etc.


Based on a prior bad experience I would spend the money for camera inspection. I think this is coming to the end of its useful life from when it was commonly installed. Probably wont all go at once but the patchwork jobs quickly add up.
You have to be prepared for the phone calls and expense. Its not something you can just ignore or delay fixing. Like roads or tree trimming.