Omaha NE - Home Abandonment process (no title or VIN, pre-hud homes)


We have a park in Omaha NE under contract. All of the homes are tenant owned. The homes are very old - most if not all of them are pre-hud. We are expecting a decent amount of move outs / abandonments with new management, and we are pretty sure that a lot of these homes have incorrect or no title (current mgmt has “sold” homes to current tenants, and we know at least 1 tenant has been waiting for about a year to actually get the title). I also believe a lot are missing VIN numbers. Does anyone have any experience with the abandonment process for Nebraska? If we don’t have VIN numbers and/or a title, is this process any different than if we do have them? Basically trying to gauge what will be our average cost and time to do a full turnaround for a tenant that abandons a home.