Old Water Meters?


Older water meters and meter heads are mechanical devices.
Like all mechanical devices after extended periods of time they wear down. The gears and internals of the water meter may work still, how ever you may not be accounting for an all the usage.
Money going straight into the ground.

With all the rate raises going on all over the country, we are seeing that communities cannot afford to keep eating the cost of wasteful water consumption.

We’ve seen parks have 15-20 year old meters tested just to come to the conclusion that only 30%- 40% of the water being passed through the meter is being accounted for.

A lot of times the bleeding continues because the cost of swapping the meters can be so expensive.

I just thought I would point out that you can regain 100% low flow accuracy for your water readings, with out having to replace the full water meter.

You can upgrade the register head of the meter and keep the body on most brass bodied meters.
This essentially gives you a new water meter for a fraction of the cost.

We even can upgrade your old meters to a fully automated wireless meter that reports on any leaks and oddities EVERY DAY.

Just thought I’d throw that information out there since it proved to be really helpful for some of our friends.

Here’s a link to put this all into perspective: