Old vacant home but no ownership


Hi All;
In September 2018 we purchased a small park in NYS. One of the homes is vacant. During negotiations my attorney assured me that changing the ownership is a snap and he will help me to do it. My fault to trust the attorney but this is the “water under the bridge”. Since the purchase I am trying to get the bill of sale for this home without any luck yet. My attorney is ether stalling by blaming the sellers attorney for luck of response or he misled me and not does not know to handle this situation. This is an old trailer and based on the NYS DMV site I do not need title for anything older then 1994. However I need the poof of ownership from the seller or the previous owner to transfer ownership to me. What are my options? I have a potential buyer for this trailer but without the ownership I am stuck. Any help/direction from this community will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


File for abandonment.


Thanks Brandon. What agency?


I don’t know NYS law, you’ll have to do some research. There will be a statutory procedure for claiming abandoned property. Your local MHA may have the answer at hand, or perhaps someone else on this forum.


Yes probably DMV if they are the ones who handle titles in your stat


Thank you all for your input.


Maybe get another attorney. We live in missouri and found an attorney who was able to get us titles for eight mobile homes. It is illegal to sell without a title in missouri. I think she had to place notice in a newspaper…