Off Market FL MHP up for Assignment - Panama City MSA

I have a small off-market park up for assignment in the Panama City, FL metro area. Here are some of the details, please message me for more info or email me at

Price: $250,000

Size: 3.9 acres.

Total Pads: 11. Room to add 2-3 more pads.

Occupancy: 91% (10/11 occupied)

Market: Panama City MSA. 196k Population. $46k Median Income. $190k median home price. 3BR apt. rent is $1,429.

Reason for selling: Mom & pop retiring.

POHs: 10 Park Owned Homes. Most are older.

Cash on Cash Return: 12.26% initial CoC based on lot rent numbers only.

Utilities: Public utilities. Owner pays water, which is still a pretty low bill.

Rent: POH Rent is $525, but market lot rent is $300-$350. I used $300 in my calculations.

Cap Rate: 12% cap rate based on lot rent only numbers.

Earnest Money: $1,250

Notes: 2.4 miles to the nearest Wal Mart. You could keep this as a POH park or sell the homes very cheap to the tenants and charge them market lot rent. You could setup water meters or just add a $20-$30 per month water fee to their bills. At this point your expenses and upkeep would be extremely low.

have any larger parks off market, im in aquisition mode, 50+ spaces

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@clintncal I will be sure and let you know if I find anything larger.

Would like to talk about this

My cell is 303 588 4773