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I know the owners of a park in Northern Minnesota . Was originally interested in purchasing the park but it is too far from my park in Southern Minnesota and is too much of a project cleanup wise and infilling of homes. I already have one of these project type parks.

Park Info: Northern Minnesota, very small town located in a decent Metro Area of 50,000 population. 57 lots, 20 storage units, 11 RV Camper spaces, 1 nicely renovated house. All resident owned. Rent $205 I figure can go to $250, includes water/sewer, city utilities, gravel/dirt roads. 10 acres I believe. 29 homes in park and 4 are vacant in bad shape. Lots of trees. Maybe 30% to 40% pitched roof homes, 1 double wide. Owners claim sewer and water lines never have issues and I spoke with a guy in the park who has been there 20+ years and he said never really has seen issues with clogs or leaks. Did a test ad that pulled 20+ unique responses from just Craigslist at $600 per month for sale or rent 2 and 3 bedrooms. Metro housing prices were higher than the local town. $150,000 metro, $90,000 town

The Good:
Quaint Town
Low Price
Local Bank interested
Some well kept newer homes with pride
City utilities
House, Storage units and Camper lots
Test ad did well

The Bad:
Small town
Dirt/gravel road
Junk on lots
Some storage door tracks need repair
Filling lots
4 tear downs or heavy renovations

I have owners contact info and pictures. Let me know if your interested. If a purchase occurs, I would just ask for a small finders fee on a gentleman’s agreement.

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You want to make sure you have a real estate license in Minnesota or you can get in legal trouble asking for a finders fee. Just fyi


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I pm’d you this morning - have plenty of cash and not afraid of northern minnesota or turnarounds. Please reply with your contact info when you get time - thank you


I’m interested in pursuing this opportunity. Please share any supplemental detail with me at