New to trailer parks and yes, I bought a 9 pad trailer park for an education


Hello everyone, I’m Justin and live in the Unifour area of NC. I am new to this trailer park endeavor, like really new, how new, well just closed on it. I bought a 3 acre 9 pad trailer park that was foreclosed on and then the note past hands a couple of times. There is 5 trailers and 4 empty pads. Yes the property needs love. There are three tenants that have been living on the site and paying no rent through this whole process. One trailer is supposedly owned by the tenant, the other two are supposedly parked owned. The two tenants in the parked owned trailers have to go, 16 cats for one and the other has at least 4 dogs, plus trash everywhere around there places.

Now that you got the basics, the questions.

Best way to remove tenants in the shortest amount of time?
Recommended insurance coverages/plans?
How to check for title ownership?
If trailer is considered abandoned, how do I get the title in my name?

That’s it for now and thanks for any responses, Justin.


The fastest way for you to pick this up is to get some help.

In the MHP’s county you need to find an attorney that specializes in evictions and see that process through. You can then handle it yourself if comfortable. The papers are public record so you can see what that looks like at the courthouse.

You need a general liability, property (utilities, fences, etc), and then personal property (dwelling) coverage on the POH. Recommend Mobile Insurance who writes these nationwide. They have markets for smaller parks, which most of your independent agencies / brokers will not write.

On title issue check with @Snickfish. I have not used them but seen a couple good reviews.

Buy the MHU Home Study Course off this site - and keep reading on the forum. A lot of these topics are covered and can help you along the way.


Best way to remove tenants in the shortest amount of time?
Recommended insurance coverages/plans?
Contact Kurt Kelley
How to check for title ownership?
Use a lawyer
If trailer is considered abandoned, how do I get the title in my name?
Use a lawyer


If you haven’t already, make sure you check the local authorities for any outstanding fines/on-going fines for inhabitable homes. The tenants have the right to stay without paying if there are outstanding issues. (in Florida anyway) I second the get a good lawyer for the first go around.


Get ahold of the NC property code and look at the “rules.”. This will guide how you are supposed to operate.

Quickest way to get rid of the tenants is to cancel their lease and pay them some money to go away. They won’t come back because you paid them money and besides if they sign a piece of paper you can evict them if they come back. But you’re the one who has to enforce that (by calling the cops if you see non-tenants).

If the bad apples are ruining the whole party, you won’t get any traction until you get everyone out and start over.


Thanks everyone for the replies, I did ask the lawyer that did the closing about the evictions and he really didn’t answer my questions to my satisfaction so I’m going to set up an consultation with another lawyer to see what they say. I’ve heard the name Kurt Kelley a couple of times so will definitely look towards that direction for insurance. I will look for a copy of the North Carolina property codes and check it out. Snickfish ? Again thanks for the replies. Justin


Hey Justin,

Shoot me an email. My partner and I are based out of Hickory and do “lonnie deals”. We would be happy to help you get the park filled with homes and may be able to offer some guidance/local referrals.


Happy to help with titles. Give us a call if you need – (800) 658-7577 or


Thank you for the reference and compliment! We appreciate you!