New Here, What Are Your “Rules”?

Greetings to you all. I have been lurking for a bit, we were in the market to purchase a small park here in Missouri. We passed on one park with 20 units and have signed a contract on one that we think would be easier to start with. It’s 8 pads, 1 park owned home in need of complete renovation and 2 houses. One pad is currently empty, we have located a mobile home to put in that spot making 2 park owned homes. Currently the park has a nice visual appeal with the majority of the residents having been there many years. What kind of generic “rules” do you all have? We want to go in with a friendly attitude but with a understanding that there are some things that we will or will not allow.

You’ll see and hear alot about pets, cars, junk… One policy I was not prepared for is pot.

Know your local law’s and be prepared to hear that question. My personal beliefs are torn between ‘the law is the law’ and what happens in the privacy of your home is your business, as long as it stays inside your home. In other words, if I’m not aware or seeing evidence, we’re good; stink it up so people outside can smell or generate traffic and we have a problem.


I believe Mo. instituted a minimum of 120 days before an eviction can be completed and the atmosphere is leaning for the benefits of tenants. Personally I would past on any park with less than 20 sites and as mentioned KNOW the laws for MO. on MHP’s Our first park was 235 sites and the ability to have greater efficiency and much better resale increase greatly with more sites. If the park is within 15 minute of your home maybe ok ???

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Thanks, the park is within 5 miles of my house. It also is on 15 acres, wooded and scenic that we intend to develop into some Airbnb spots with tiny home cabins. Plus it was very affordable. Thanks!

This is one set of rules I found on line, there are many more. Keep in mind you must study your state landlord tenant regulations when drafting rules to insure they do not contravene state law.
Also keep in mind that tenants will do the most unimaginable things which means you need rules to cover everything conceivable. This is not a new industry so keep in mind there is a reason or precedent for every rule you find.
You need to be less concerned about “friendly” and more concerned about having adequate control over your business as a new owner. Friendly will follow.


Send me your contact info and we can discuss.
MO MHP owner/operator and MO attorney.

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@Cdreed06 , Congratulations on your new Mobile Home Park!

How exciting!

My Husband and I have 2 Mobile Home Parks in South Carolina.

Thus, please research your specific Missouri State & Local Laws to ensure compliance.

Some of our Mobile Home Park Rules are:

  1. NO: Unapproved Tenants: All “Prospective Tenants” MUST Go Through The Application Process & Be Approved BEFORE Moving Into MHP & MH Lot
  2. NO: Unapproved Dogs: All “Prospective Dogs” MUST Go Through The Application Process & Be Approved BEFORE Moving Into MHP & MH Lot
  3. NO: Swimming Pools
  4. NO: Fences
  5. NO: Trampolines
  6. NO: Fire Pits
  7. NO: Boats
  8. NO: Recreational Vehicles
  9. OBEY: All City Laws
  10. OBEY: All County Laws
  11. OBEY: All State Laws
  12. OBEY: All Federal Laws

As for Dogs the Dog Application needs to provide additional specific “Dog Rules” such as:

  • Maximum # of dogs
  • Maximum dog weight at full maturity

Please also be sure that you indicate that No Dogs are allowed to live, visit nor be dog sat before being approved.

We wish you the very best!

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We have all the same as Kristin as well as :

  1. Only new homes are permitted to be moved into community (pre approved by MGMT).
  2. One shed allowed per lot, Approved by MGMT
  3. Exterior of homes and lots to be maintained to community standard at discretion of MGMT.
  4. Home owners required to maintain “replacement cost coverage” insurance. Min 1M liability.
  5. Home buyers must be pre approved by MGMT.
  6. Adult only community (maximum 2 persons per lot)
  7. Pets must be supervised and on leash at all times when outside.
  8. Maximum 2 vehicles per lot. No car ports or temporary structures permitted. No parking permitted on street
  9. No commercial or large vehicles permitted. No trailers permitted on lots overnight.
  10. No diesel powered vehicles allowed.
  11. No motorised recreational vehicles allowed (dirt bikes, quads, S X S, go carts, snow mobiles etc.)
  12. Residents lot to be kept clear of clutter at all times (as determined by MGMT)
  13. Garbage cans to be out of site at all times except collection day.
  14. No businesses to be operated within community.
  15. Residents to obtain MGMT approval for all exterior work performed on home or lot.

You will find it necessary to continually remind new residents of the rules. Enforcing community rules/standards will be your biggest responsibility. Once new residents move in they tend to ignore any rule they don’t agree with. You will need to require residents to repaint when they have selected a unapproved colour or remove something they constructed without approval. Long term residents will expect the community owner to strictly enforce rules. Keep in mind the enforcement of rules will ultimately determine the quality of your community.


I appreciate all the input, this will be a test for us for sure. We intend to run a nice quite park. Hopefully this will only be our first of many.