Municipal Attorney in Eastern Plains of Colorado

Does anyone know of a good Municipal Attorney in the Eastern Plains of Colorado or in the Denver area? I am involved in a grandfathering issue and would like to find someone who has been through this before. Thanks.

Hello Rikkie
Were you able to find a municipal attorney in Colorado?
I have an issue with my park in Colorado Springs and may
need the same.
The county is telling me i can not move homes into my
park anymore. Only way to move a home is if a buyer
will buy it and live in it.

No, I have not found a good mobile home friendly municipal attorney. I have interviewed a half dozen from Denver, even hired one, but I’m not real happy with him. The Rocky Mountain Home Association gave my the name of a guy who fought a grandfather case in Denver, but he left the firm for corporate law. I’m still looking if someone has a recommendation.