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Please kindly advise: Partners and I invested in older Mobile Homes in Florida, Lakeland, in 55 plus gated community. Completely renovated them from head to toe and trying to advertise them for rent, lot rent included. Had no luck so far. It has been a month of heavy online free advertisement, but we are getting inquiries either very young or with super low credit scores.

Where do you suggest advertising the MH for rent please for older demographic, such as snowbirds for example with good credit?

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Look for a snowbird publication or put flyers at the tourist bureaus.

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Most Florida parks are not set up this way. The snow birds typically own the homes and just pay lot rent. Can you compete with the vast availability of seasonal rentals and prices if you are just looking for snow birds? Generally mobile home rentals and high credit scores don’t co-exist. Is there another park in Florida that operates this way and you are trying to mimic the model?


Thank you, Jason. No, there is no model that I am mimicing at all. Just wanted to try this venue and see what happens, but it seems that only younger population inquires.

@Luda3, as per your post:

  • “…Partners and I invested in older Mobile Homes in Florida, Lakeland, in 55 plus gated community… Completely renovated… trying to advertise them for rent… Had no luck so far…”

Do you also own the Mobile Home Park?

IF you own the MHP or do not own the MHP, I would suggest selling the Mobile Homes (hopefully for a Profit).

The 55 Plus Gated Community Tenants that I am aware of typically like to own their Mobile Home and just pay Lot Rent.

However, there could be that niche market of 55 Plus that are just renters. If so, you just need to “find them”, but “finding them” might be a hard thing to do.

We wish you the very best!

can you segregate your park into sections to encourage activity?

in my park, I can’t look at credit. I am in Podunk. these folks don’t have checking accounts! I pull their report but look at EVICTIONS, LANDLORD JUDGMENTS, CRIMINAL, REPOSSESSIONS. ALL OF THOSE SHOW POOR JUDGMENT IN MY BOOK. SOMEONE WITH MINIMAL CREDIT OR EVEN A SIX YEAR OLD BANKRUPTCY, or FORECLOSURE WOULD likely NOT HAVE GOOD CREDIT. I have made exceptions… for instance, if I see that there was something catastrophic (accident/medical/death) that caused a sudden decrease in income that impacted their credit. they can explain and I see corresponding proof.