Mobile home park up for assignment


Park up for assignment:

Park is in the Youngstown/Warren metro, OH
Number of licensed lots: 41 plus a 5 bedroom house
Number of TOH-19
Number of POH-7 @ $400 rent
Number of paying tenants-26
Lot rent-$320 including water and sewer
House rents for -$600/mo
park on city water and sewer
Walmart 4.2 miles away

Owner might be willing to finance if terms are right.

Water and were are about $28,000/year and able to bill back. Room to raise lot rents.

Price of park is $710,000 including our assignment fee.

If you are interested please email or call 219-961-5800 x 1. Please send offers to or call 219-961-5800 x 3


Why are you assigning out of curiosity? Declining rust belt market?


@mhp the market is very good in the midwest. This is a great park, it just doesn’t fit into your buying criteria.


Sent Ashley an email inquiring for more details.


I’m pretty familiar with that metro and find it quite risky. I operate almost strictly in the midwest.