Missouri City charging per unit charge?


Our city has just changed our parks over to master metering. They are going to bill us at the master meters for the water and sewer and also add on a “per unit” charge for every lot we have that is on that meter. We don’t have any rentals in this park just lot rent. We will be billing back the water to our residents with this charge passed along but it seems like to me they put master meters in to make life simpler for them so why do they still think they can charge for what goes on on my side of the meter? They say that this is normal practice. Does anyone else get a per unit charge?
Thanks Dan


I have a park like this. I took it to city council and lost. They can do as they please unfortunately. Gets passed through to tenants but definitely wouldn’t say it’s the norm. Most only get unit level charges if city handles individual billing.


My park is in South Texas and I just get the master meter reading charges per gallon and a Service fee. No per unit charges. What is the logic behind that? Do they pay for the individual lot meters and maintenance on them? If you installed the submeters and are responsible for maintaining them why do they have any right to charge?


Thanks for your input. They are giving us the meters which are about 3 years old. We have to maintain them and the pipes. We will have to read them and bill our residents and also test our water because billing back our residents requires us to become a public utility. So I still wonder how they can charge a per unit charge since they are doing nothing after the master? Any ideas on who I could talk to? This don’t seem right. Thanks