Michigan Parks for Sale


I’m looking for deals in Michigan if anyone has any leads.


@JWR Joel what size are you looking for. I live in Michigan and I am actively marketing to parks in the state.
Thanks in advance


PG - i am lookin in MI as well - Ideal park is city water/sewer few POH and lots of 50-150. If anything crosses your path pease let me know. We have experience with wells and septic and would be open but not our ideal.




@PG I’m also looking for parks in Michigan. 40-50 lots, city water/sewer, majority POH, the usual requests, though open to septic potentially. Are you looking to assign from your marketing? Passive partner? Active partner?


@wcnance All the above. Will keep you in mind.


@lilskipper I am a principle and looking to acquire also. Are you open to any sort of JV?