MHP Software: Maybe I will build one, want YOUR advice!


Great to hear. Thats what sold me on it , the service and user simplicity. Thanks for sharing.


I’m jealous of lukelovell. I’ve been using Buildium for a year now and even though I love the features I am about ready to throw in the towel and try out Appfolio instead.

I’ve found the features and functionality to be great, but for me the software has been too unpolished and buggy:
-Registering three of my bank accounts for online payments was easy, but the fourth was a huge pain, with my registration getting rejected repeatedly with no explanation on why. It took 6 tries and 3 months to get it registered. I only got it approved after I threatened to cancel my account.
-I just had a tenant pay online, and Buildium took the money out of his account, but didn’t credit his buildium account or pay us. I wish I was joking or exaggerating (the tenant confirmed this with bank screenshots). It sounds like 4 days later and the tenant calling his bank he is finally being refunded the funds.
-For reconciliations bank transactions will sometimes get downloaded twice by buildium, messing up the entire reconciliation and leading to a hide and go seek to find where the bug is. It’s time consuming, frustrating, and stupid.

It could just be that the bank I’m using (everbank, a smallish online bank) doesn’t mix well with Buildium.


Hi Luke,

We apologize that you’ve experienced a lengthy hold-time with our support team in the past. Just last year, we implemented a new process for taking support phone calls that has dropped customer hold-times to generally 2 minutes or less. We pride ourselves on our amazing customer support team and have made great strides in improving our processes over the past few years.

Since you joined us a few year ago, we’ve also rolled out a completely new interface with Rent Manager 12 that offers more functionality than ever before, with an updated look and feel, and an open API system that provides more customization than ever before.

I only wish that we would have known more about the issues you were facing with the program at the time, so that we could have worked together to find a better solution. We wish you the best in your endeavors.