Mhp owner needs to be approved?

I called the city inspection department and was told that the owner needs to be approved by the city council? I never heard about approving the owner. All I knew was that the park needs to be approved. Anyone had experienced anything like that? Why would the city council need to approve the owner?

You’re asking the wrong people. You need to direct this question to someone at City Hall to find out more.

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Doesn’t sound right. I’d get clarification then get an attorney if they attempt in any way to discriminate against you.

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I would call an attorney in the area that is skilled in Municipal Law NOT Real Estate Law.

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Yes, I’ve had that happen before. Before you do anything – as everyone has recommended – I’d consult with a good municipal lawyer. But in my case, it turned out that what the city was asking, while inappropriate and bizarre, did no harm to my grandfathered permit by showing up and introducing myself, so that’s what I did. The city was pleased that I did so, and the matter never came up again.

Sometimes City Hall comes up with crazy ideas that they think are beneficial to the city but are not founded upon any actual law. Unless the original ordinance under which the park was built required each successive owner to be “introduced” to the city, then it’s obviously not binding. But there are some cases in which you might as well go along with their strange requests when there is no downside. But only a good municipal lawyer can tell you if there is no downside – so don’t do anything until you get that legal counsel.


Just a followup - even if city council’s request is not a legal requirement, you usually want to attempt to meet their requests, as regardless if you are on the right side of the law, having a city councillor with a vendetta against you as the park owner will only make your life more frustrating -