MHP, B2 and B3 land for sale in VA

We are talking to a homeowner who owns a MHP with B2 (4acres) and B3(15 acres) of land in Winchester, VA.

96 units - 100% occupied
Rent: $360/month. can be bumped up to $375.
MHP: 39 acres.
Additional 25 can be built - $30,000/unit. Permit and plans approved.
B2 and B3 are wooded and raw lots.
No separate meters at the moment. Park is eating up the costs.
Asking: $6M.

MHP will not be sold separately. Are there any mixed use/retail/warehouse developers on this forum? I want to buy the MHP but need someone to take over the land. If you want to buy it all, we can definitely discuss

email info@vonrei com for more information.

This one doesn’t meet our criteria, but we own in VA and are looking for more parks. Please keep me in mind if you find any other deals.