Mastermind Meeting - January '19


MHU Friends - Would anyone be interested to join me in attending a Mobile Home Park specific mastermind? If you’ve never attended a mastermind you are missing out on some serious value!

At mastermind meetings, investors of all levels come together to share their 1st hand knowledge and experiences, tips and tricks of the industry, what is really working/not working; and most importantly mutual support for that latest challenge you’re facing.

This is a 2-day event, in Austin, Tx; attendance requires active involvement and participation during the sessions and a fee of $200 which includes meals.

Saturday and Sunday - January 19th & 20th 2019 (MLK Weekend)

More details to follow - RSVP here:

Please post here with topics you’d be interested in discussing


This sounds great! I’d love to see some samples or get advice on how to put together a presentation to acquire lending from either banks or private lenders showing the value of the park. When I start to inquire about money if I don’t have a track record or they don’t understand mobile homes they don’t take it as a serious investment.


That would be awesome and I would love to attend but I have another seminar that weekend. Are there any others coming up in the near future preferably on the east coast?


Agreed! This would be very important, as many sellers are not interested in the least with carrying paper!


Nothing planned on the East Coast for now, but if this mastermind is a success, we could schedule a Fall 2019 Mastermind for the East coast


Hi Grafton,

I’d certainly be interested in attending. How many people do you have interested thus far, and what is the schedule for the weekend looking like at a high level?



I’m interested in attending.


I am interested in attending.


I’m interested in attending as well


I might be interested…as a mastermind with folks who have been in the real estate investing biz for atleast 5 years or more…I have absolutely no desire to travel from Tennessee to Texas to be in a mastermind of newbies…

Otherwise i might be interested…


Any further details on this yet?




I’m interested in the answer to this question as well @GraftonParks. Just in relation to how many RSVP’s you have and what the 100k overview of the schedule looks like.


So far it looks like only about 6 people total have responded as ‘confirmed’; and roughly another 6 have responded as interested; so best guess at this point is only about 6-8 would actually attend, which is a small group, and should be an even mix of experience. The group is small enough right now that I could simply host at my home and reduce the costs closer to only $50 for food/drinks.

Important topics of discussion so far include: Financing, Lead generation, property management platforms, and getting sellers from a cash sale to seller financing.


Not to try to steal the thunder from this as it sounded appealing but there is a really big TX MHP Event a few days this one.

Im not sure if that has a bearing on attendance.


Sorry i can’t attend due to conflict, but would be interested in future meetings. Great suggestion and topics look interesting.


I’m still interested but would need more detail please