Master leasing aka ground leasing entire park

Does anyone known of companies that master lease aka ground lease entire communities?

I have done 2 master lease deals with option to purchase since you do all the work tp create enough value to buy. I do not know any companies who do this. May be a way to bootstrap your way into ownership

We already own the communities.

I might be interested…there’s not a lot to go on…you are specifically not selling on owner finance terms, which would be the ordinary way someone with current parks would look to annuitize their holdings I presume.

How many lots are you talking about total/occupied? What markets?

And just in general terms, since you are holding the land and disclaiming the risk, can you explain what is your value proposition to the lessee?

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I would be interested with right of first refusal on sale if put on the market. I assume you want to transfer management headaches to master lessee and just get a check each month. Please send details