Mailing to Company or Park Address?


I’m preparing a mailing and I have both the park owner’s company address and park address. Would I receive a higher response by mailing to the company address since there could be a better chance of finding the owner?


I typically send to two different addresses: the Registered Agent address as well as the Owner’s personal address.

You can obtain the Registered Agent address through a free title company search, or by looking up the owning LLC at the relevant Sec of State website.

You can then typically find the Articles of Organization for these LLCs, and this will give you the names of the members. You can then take these and use one of the various free people search services (Whitepages usually works) to get their personal residence address.

I don’t think much is accomplished by mailing the park directly, but would be curious to hear other opinions on the matter.


if you don’t enough research you should be able to find where the owenr lives…sometimes the park address is the owners address…as their is a home that they live in that is on the property
or they live in one of the trailers for part of the year…best way to do this is to find the park number and call and see whom answers the phone…

act as a tenant looking for a home…ask if their the manager, and please use a blocked or random number that way when you cold call the owners or mail them with your phone number on they don’t recognize it

white pages premium has good info normally… more expensive options is TLO or locateplus