Lowering of Sec.8 payments


The local field office paid a portion of the Sec.8 tenant’s rent for two years, but is now lowering the payment (saying that it has been lowered because they are now “using the correct standard for a mobile home”). This will make it unaffordable for the tenant. The HUD “Home Rent Limits” I have seen online only indicate the size --efficiency, 1B, etc. They do not indicate whether this is for a 1B in an apartment building, home, manufactured home, etc. I have not seen Rent Limit lists that distinguish by housing type, but perhaps they exist.

I know that they have limits established for the rental lease on the land which are of course much lower than unit rents, but that is not relevant here as the tenant is renting from the unit owner. Unit owner pays the land lease.

Does any have any experience with this? Is there a HUD ruling I can show them? In particular, if anyone has NJ experience that would be great. It seems that many of you rent to people with Sec. 8, so I think they must be paying the fair market rent in some areas. Any help much appreciated.


My section 8 payments fluctuate up and down annually based on whatever the tenant fills out on their paperwork. These are stick built homes though. After a while we learned to only take the tenants with payments that would cover the entire rent. But annually they get reevaluated and they go from paying nothing a month to $100 a month.

The most depressing re-evaluation was a single mom who was working hard and going to school to better her life. She told the truth on her annual evaluation that her cousin moved in and was helping to pay for some of the bills. They kicked her out of the program due to her cousins income. Meanwhile another tenant brought in her ex husband who had a job and continued to receive payments by not telling the truth on her annual re-evaluation paperwork.

Another time a kid turned 18 and got a part time job so they punished the family by sharply reducing their support.