Looking to buy a park in PNW ($1 - $2.5 million)



I am a mobile home park investor looking to purchase a park in Pacific North West. Prefer Washington State.
If you have a lead or a park, please email me at stevebaik@gmail.com or call me at 206-326-8764.
City utilities. Over 30 lots. Wholesale or assignment fee will be paid for off market deals.


Me, too, yeah. And almost every member of this forum who lives west of the Rockies. We ALL want the same things! Sadly, finding a park is hard if you aren’t doing direct mail.


Yes, I too am a fan of buying mobile home parks. If you know anyone trying to sell one of those and it’s like…you know… a really good deal or something let me know. I’ll give you my number. Ok sweet…


Hello, I have found a 25 unit park in Sequim WA. Asking price is $1.2 million. E mail me for more details at yvettewhite964@yahoo.com