Looking for small park in western NC

I’m looking to purchase a small MHP in western NC or possibly north GA. Looking for something from 5-15 spaces and POH are fine, as they are the norm in this area. I have a local credit union lined up for financing as long as there are some financials available. I am glad to pay an assignment/finders/referral fee as well. I’m not ready for the big leagues yet, just looking to expand my local portfolio. Thank you in advance.

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@jbuchanan24, what is your budget?

I am looking for a park under $500k at this time. Thank you.

PM me, i have a few deals up that way.

You should consider this a 1.5 x stretch. I think it’s a good deal.

@Brandon, thank you for the info. I think that one does look promising. It’s a little over 5 hours from me, and I’m trying to find something a little closer, especially for a value add park. I’m about an hour west of Asheville, so upstate S.C., East TN, and North GA are all within 2 hours of me as well.

I have a 6 unit with city water / city sewer in Valdese. Room for expansion with some DW as it was a 14 unit.
My email Smithprepacademy@gmail.com

Are you interested in parks around Charlotte Metro? I have some good leads. 1 value add, 1 full, others that are warm. I’m thinking about what to do moving forward since my main goal is to buy one for myself, but if I can flip the parks, I might do that. I’m really only interested in buying and holding though. It seem financials are hard to come by so financing might be tough. I’m thinking about buying and holding for a couple years to build up those financials then sell or refinance. Contact me if you are interested in buying around Charlotte Metro.

Looks interesting. Would you mind if I ask why you think this could be a good deal? thanks

Hey Eric,

I am very interested in buying in the Charlotte metro and would love anything you got